Travel contract

1. General Provisions

This “Travel Contract and General Terms and Conditions” (hereinafter Travel Contract) stipulates rights and obligations between EHOLIDAYS d.o.o., Vatroslava Jagića 17, HR-35000 Slavonski Brod, VATID 12704959917, CODE HR-AB-35-030154746 (hereinafter EHOLIDAYS), or Its authorised partner agency or representative and Customer(s) who are purchasing selected individual or packaged services offered through official website For particular services and programs different terms and conditions may apply, in which case those are visibly marked. By booking and paying selected individual or packaged services, the Customer(s) accepts Travel Contract and its legal binding.

2. Description of Services

Accommodation categories are published based on official evaluation/license given by local tourist organisation. Accommodation, transport, food & beverage and other services standards differ depending on countries where provided and cannot be matter of comparison. EHOLIDAYS offers accommodation and services listed on its official Web page or printed publications, which are not necessarily equal to those services offered by other selling points.

All information and photographs used for description of accommodation and services are gathered from official and reliable sources, and as such are being checked and authorised before publishing. EHOLIDAYS doesn’t take responsibility for any errors arising when entering data on the website or for mistakes, negligence, and delays made by the Customer.

3. Bookings

All bookings are processed through Online Booking System (OBS) on official website

In specific cases, when OBS does not meet Customers booking requirements, bookings can be forwarded to e-mail address or to telefax number + 385 (35) 628 777.

In process of booking the Customer should submit correct data required by OBS or EHOLIDAYS booking staff. The Customer has full responsibility for accuracy of data provided during booking process, and agrees to compensate all additional costs generated as a result of data inaccuracy.

„On Request“ bookings may require 10% advance payment upon booking submission. This advance payment is not reimbursable if the Customer cancels such booking after it is confirmed.

4. Accommodation

If the Customer upon booking did not make a special request for a specific accommodation unit type (room view, floor, size, etc.), he/she will accept standard accommodation unit type provided in desired accommodation facility. Should the Customer require specific accommodation unit type (room view, floor, size, etc.) upon arrival to the accommodation facility, staff of EHOLIDAYS will do its best to meet the Customers requirements, but will not guarantee it or accept responsibility or complaints in case it is not possible.

All persons sharing one accommodation unit are obligated to use same basic service (rent, bed and breakfast, halfboard, fullboard, all inclusive).

Check-in and check-out times are different depending on accommodation facility. Most usual check-in time is after 14:00, and most usual check-out time is before 10:00.

5. Pricing

All prices on official website are published in EUR, and are based on contracts with our suppliers, therefore do not have to conform to prices advertised at the traveler’s destination or other selling points. Possible price differences cannot be subject to complaint or reimbursement claims.

Prices are subject to change in case of:

  • Change of contracted prices and conditions by supplier
  • Legislative and tax changes
  • Bookings do not meet minimum conditions required.

Prices published in other currencies are result of conversion from EUR based on exchange rate of business banks, and as such are subject to change following exchange rate dynamics.

6. Payment

With payment of confirmed booking the Customer confirms he/she has studied and understands “Travel Contract” and accepts it in full. With payment of booking, the “Travel Contract” becomes a legal obligation for EHOLIDAYS and the Customer. This also applies when using remote communication to dictate (or submit) credit card number.

For booking to be valid, payment of 30% of full amount is required within 72 hours upon confirmation. Payment of the rest of 70% of full amount is required at least 14 days prior arrival to destination (services start) in order to receive travel documents and be able to use accommodation and services booked. If booking date is within 14 days of arrival, payment of 100% of full amount for accommodation and services booked is required within 72 hours upon booking. Bank transfer payments are not possible for bookings within 5 working days prior arrival for payments from abroad or 3 working days for payments within Croatia.

All credit card payments will be rendered in HRK (Hrvatska kuna – Croatian currency) based on exchange rate of our business banks on day of payment. When charging your credit card, the same amount will be converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. Slight difference from the original published price may occur as a result of such conversion processes.
Submission and transfer of personal data and credit card number is protected by SSL 256-bit encryption provided by WSpay™ system for online authorization of credit cards. Authorization and charge of credit cards is operated through WSpay™ system for authorization and credit card charges in real time.

7. Cancellations by EHOLIDAYS

EHOLIDAYS is committed to assure the Customer with the accommodation and services booked, except in case of force major (war, riot, strike, terrorist activities, sanitary troubles, bad weather, intervention of the authorities etc.)

EHOLIDAYS preserves its right to offer changes to booked services or cancel the services completely or partially, if before or during the time of the stay special circumstances appear that cannot be avoided or declined. However, if they appear during the time of the agreement, EHOLIDAYS is not obligated to accept the reservation of the service in question.

If EHOLIDAYS is unable to fulfil confirmed and paid services the Customer will be offered an alternative. Change of booked services can be carried out only with the permission of the Customer. The alternative must be of the same, or one level higher quality than the one initially booked. If the Customer accepts the alternative, which is considerably higher in quality then initially booked, the Customer agrees to participate in covering price difference in amount of at least 50%. If the alternative is lower in quality, EHOLIDAYS will reimburse the difference in price.

EHOLIDAYS has the obligation to immediately inform all arriving Customers about booking changes or cancellation, and if no alternatives can be found, to reimburse the amount paid by the Customer.

8. Cancellations by the Customer

If the Customer wishes to change or cancel the booking, it has to be in written form (e-mail or fax), at least 30 days prior service start date. By “change“ is considered a change in number of people, change of dates of travel, or change in accommodation or services type. First change of the booking, if it is possible without extra expenses, will be made for free. All further booking changes will be charged 10 EUR (inclusive of VAT) per change.

If the change of booking is not possible, and the Customer cancels confirmed booking as a result, lower mentioned conditions apply. The cancellation charges will be calculated from the date written booking cancellation is received, as follows:

  • For cancellation up to 30 days prior the arrival, 20 EUR
  • For cancellation up to 29-15 days prior the arrival, 30% of full amount
  • For cancellation up to 14-8 days prior the arrival, 50% of full amount
  • For cancellation up to 7-3 days prior the arrival, 80% of full amount
  • For cancellation up to 3-0 days prior the arrival (or no show), 100% of full amount

Any change of accommodation unit or services within 21 days before start date is considered a cancellation of booking.

If the costs of the cancellation are in fact higher than what was initially given, EHOLIDAYS has the right to charge the difference. For particular services and programs different cancellation conditions may apply.

Cancellation of accommodation or services during stay (early departure) is possible only in written form. In this case reimbursements are possible only in case of serious illness or death in the family (confirmation document required). For all other cases no reimbursement applies.

9. Luggage

EHOLIDAYS is not responsible for damage or loss of luggage, for theft of luggage, or valuables left in the accommodation unit. Reports for damage or loss of luggage should be made to the lost luggage claim office at the airport, accommodation facility and/or the nearest police station. We highly recommend a luggage insurance and safe deposit box rental in accommodation facilities.

10. Travel Insurance

Prices published on official Web page do not include travel insurance (against risks of accidents and diseases, travel insurance from loss or damage of luggage as well as health insurance). Accepting “Travel Contract”, the Customer is considered recommended and offered all types of insurance listed above. If the Customer requires insurance, it can be purchased directly with one of the insurers or with the agency, in which case, the agency only acts as intermediary. We recommend careful read of conditions of insurance prior to purchase.

NOTE: It is not possible to purchase travel insurance additionally (after booking confirmation).

11. Bankruptcy Insurance

EHOLIDAYS has contracted bankruptcy insurance policy. In case of bankruptcy the customer should contact CROATIA OSIGURANJE as soon as possible to he following number 0800 1884 (workdays 8-20h, Saturdays 8-15h), and submit booking payment confirmation.

12. Customer Responsibility

The Customer is responsible:

  • For all valid travel documents on hand
  • For all costs of loss or theft of the documents during the travel period
  • For respecting customs formalities, health regulations and other legislatives of the Republic of Croatia, as well as other countries visited during the travel
  • For respecting the rules and regulations of the accommodation unit, and to collaborate with the accommodation facility accordingly
  • Upon arrival to the rented accommodation unit, the Customer is expected to present the given voucher, where the number of people and type of service are specified

In case these obligations are disregarded, the Customer is responsible for all additional fees that may apply, and for all damages the Customer caused, and is bound to pay the damages to the service provider on the spot.

13. EHOLIDAYS Responsibility

EHOLIDAYS is bound to make sure all the services are carried out professionally, on its part as well as that of the accommodation facility.

Furthermore EHOLIDAYS is bound to make sure that all the rights of the Customer are managed according to the common law.

EHOLIDAYS is bound to make sure that the Customer is provided with all the services booked, and is liable to the Customer for non-performance of the services booked.

EHOLIDAYS will not be responsible for the lack of a service that is caused by higher forces, or by inevitable delays in transportation, where the transporters are not in fault, according to the international rules and regulations. In these cases the Customer is responsible for all additional costs that may apply.

14. Resolving Complaints

The Customer, holder of “Travel Contract”, has the right to complain to non-performance of the agreed services. If the services offered are not entirely fulfilled, or do not match standards and quality published on official website, the Customer may require proportional compensation by submitting a written complaint.

In case there are several Customers, contract holders, complaining to the same service, each Customer should submit his/hers separate written complaint. EHOLIDAYS will not consider group complaints in such chases.


  • If the Customer is not satisfied with a specific service upon arrival, he/she should immediately report it to the official representative of EHOLIDAYS, or to official representative of service provider. The Customer is obliged to cooperate with service provider and EHOLIDAYS in good will in order to find the solution to the problem. If the Customer agrees to proposed solution on the spot, EHOLIDAYS is not obligated to accept any further complaints.
  • If the problem is not solved, the Customer should compile and sign a written protocol with the official representatives on the spot. Within 8 days after end of services, the Customer should forward a complaint in written form by e-mail ( or by telefax (+ 385 (35) 628 777), supported with all documentation, photographs and invoices for eventual additional expenses, which prove statements in the complaint. EHOLIDAYS will take into consideration only fully documented complaints received within 8 days from end of services.
  • EHOLIDAYS is obliged to forward a written response/solution to the complaint within 14 days after it is received. This deadline can be extended in case if response/solution require additional investigation or collection of documentation. EHOLIDAYS will take into consideration only those complaints which cause could not be resolved in destination during period of stay.
  • The Customer refrains from any other mediator, organisation, institution or media until EHOLIDAYS forwards written response/solution. Also, during this period the Customers agrees not to sue.

The highest compensation regarding a complaint can be equal to the amount claimed in the complaint, but cannot cover already used services or the complete amount for used services. That excludes the right of the Customer to claim any compensation for non-material or emotional damage. EHOLIDAYS cannot be considered responsible for weather conditions, sea temperature, or other similar situations or events that are unsatisfactory, and are not directly connected with quality of services booked (bad weather, bad beach, public beach is far from the accommodation, traffic jams, crime or damage of property etc.).
EHOLIDAYS will not accept any complaints on arrangements with special discounts, including LAST MINUTE OFFER, NO NAME HOTEL, FORTUNA SYSTEM, FORMULA ROULETTE, FIRST MINUTE and similar.

15. Court Jurisdiction

Both parties will try to solve any disputes in good will, however in case of a judicial dispute, the court of justice is located in Slavonski Brod, with relevant law being Croatian law.

16. Personal Data Protection

EHOLIDAYS collects the following Customers personal data: name and family name, date of birth, gender, passport number, nationality, phone number and e-mail address. Customer gives personal data in free will. Customers personal data will be used in booking procedures, performance of requested services and for further correspondence. EHOLIDAYS confirms that collected personal data will not be used in any other purpose other than mentioned above, that data will not be treated in an inappropriate manner, that data will not be subject to any secret processing, that data will not be sold to any third parties, that data will not be carried out of the country, and that data will not be distributed to third parties unless its necessary for rendering required services. Distribution of collected data to third parties which do not have authorized access to it, can be allowed exclusively with Customers written consent.

An exception to distribution of personal data to third parties is the provision of insurance against the risk of mishap and illness, insurance against luggage loss and damage and travel health insurance during the trip and stay abroad. If the Customer contracts the insurance policy, personal data will be forwarded to the insurance company.

Customers personal data are kept in written and digital form. All specified data is being kept in EHOLIDAYS head office and branch offices and internal database protected by encryption technology. Access to this data is allowed only to authorized personnel of the company. Access is denied to any other person or entity.

Customer gives consent for his/her personal data being used for marketing purposes (newsletters, special offers etc.)

Customer can at any time in written form to e-mail address request information about personal data we collected and keep, how we use collected data and time we will keep it. In the same way, Customer can request data correction, suspension of data processing, data to be deleted from EHOLIDAYS database and cancel his/her consent to be included in marketing activities. EHOLIDAYS is obligated to comply this request within 48 hours from request receipt, and inform Customer about performed actions in written form.

17. Miscellaneous

Arrangements where EHOLIDAYS acts as a intermediary agent: EHOLIDAYS is not responsible for service or packaged service performance for arrangements where it acts as intermediary agent or selling point. Such arrangements are visibly marked on official Web page and in travel documents. In such cases Travel Contract of responsible tour operator apply.

EHOLIDAYS d.o.o., Jagićeva 17, 35000 Slavonski Brod,